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    1. ABOUT US

      ABOUT US

      In 2017, Jiangxi Zhongfu Chemical Materials Technology Co., Ltd. was jointly founded by Dongguan Zhongmao Group, Zhongrun Delong and so on, with registered capital of 100 million and total investment of 700 million, covering an area of 200 mu. Construction is divided into two phases; The first phase was put into production in 2019 and the second phase will be put into production in 2022.


      Jiangxi Zhongfu is settled in Jiuer fluoride chemical industry base, Huichang county, Jiangxi Province, where is rich in high-grade fluorite resources, and the reserves of rock salt mine are huge. The annual output of the base is 100,000 tons of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, 300,000 tons of ionic membrane caustic soda and 200,000 tons of methane chloride; currently it is the only provincial fluorine salt chemical industry base and the fluorine salt industry cluster has been formed. Located at the intersection of three provinces, Fujian, Guangdong and Jiangxi, it has the obvious advantage of location. 


      Zhongfu Shares focus on fluorine new materials, innovative research and development to create high-quality products! The company has established the polymer Research Institute, and more than 10 million yuan of chemical analysis, physical experiments, simulation processing, electric performance testing, chemical performance testing, differential thermal scanning and other instruments and equipment have been purchased. Gathering fluorine chemical experts at home and abroad; The former director of national Polymer Research Institute was appointed as the chief engineer. We have a large number of doctoral elites in the fields of research and development; Among them are experts who have been engaged in material chemistry research for more than ten years in famous Universities in Japan. Our company are in the leading level in research for modified fluorine resin, fluorine rubber, fluoroelectronic chemicals, fluorine containing pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates. 


      Zhongfu Shares have obvious advantage of backwardness, adopting the most safe and efficient fluorination, cracking, polymerization production process.The first phase of the project has a capacity of 5,000 tons of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and its modified resin and 50,000 tons of polyaluminum chloride.The second phase project has an annual output of 2000 tons of hydroflurane, 1000 tons of alkyl iodine, 200 tons of perfluoropolyether, 300 tons of perfluoroalkyl sulfonyl fluoride, 1000 tons of pharmaceutical intermediates, 2000 tons of perfluorohexanone, 2000 tons of hydrofluoric acid fluorinated products, and 100 tons of electrolytic fluorinated products.


      Zhongfu team will continue to explore the frontier technology in the field of fluorine chemistry and devote itself to the research and development, amplification and industrialization of new technology of fluorine chemistry.


                                                     Zhongfu Shares, fluorine new materials

      Philosophy and Values
      ? Corporate Mission: Focus on fluorine new materials, innovative research and development to create high-quality products.
      ? Corporate Vision: Enterprise benefits are guaranteed, and employees’ lives are getting better and better.
      ? Corporate spirit: If I don't do it then who does, if I can't do it then who can.
      ? Core values: Environment friendly, safe production, craftsman spirit.
      ? Business philosophy: People-oriented, customer first; Differentiation, refinement.
      ? Safety concept: Prevention, full participation, scientific management, perfectly safe.
      ? Team philosophy: Be in the same boat, unity of knowledge and action.
      ? Employing philosophy: Character first, ability second.

      Code of Ethics for Employees
      ? Propriety: Be polite and reasonable.
      ? Righteousness: Benevolence, justice, chivalry.
      ? Humanity: Love, kindness, compassion.
      ? Filial piety: Show respect to your parents and teachers.
      ? Integrity: Not greedy, be frugal.
      ? Loyalty: Faithful, self-discipline.
      ? Trust: Honesty and trustworthiness.
      ? Shame: knowing shame leads to courage, knowing deficiency leads to improvement.

      Business Principles
      ? Maintain the closest strategic partnership with our customers, anticipate and exceed their expectations.
      ? Develop and train our employees to ensure long-term and efficient service to customers.
      ? Product research and production focus on quality, develop advanced technology and effective cost control methods.
      ? Maintain good relationship with suppliers.
      ? Give priority to the well-being of employees, ensure the interests of customers, contribute to society and protect resources and environment.

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